Communication Skills

(for managers, supervisors, administrators)

Learn how to add value to others

Bring out the best in your employees, co-workers, and team

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HIGH Conflict Solutions

An evidence-based course that teaches communication skills for getting and keeping a job,

World Class Relationships for Work & Home

Unique parenting program that gives parents skills to strengthen their relationships both with their child and their partner. 

Learn on how to build a relationship without losing your mind

(Curso para parejas/ Solteros)

5 Semanas

Aogosto 13, 2015



Strong Families

Strong Communities

Describes a parenting situation where the parents are not in a marriage, cohabitation or romantic relationship with one another. It is used  to describe the relationship between two separated or divorced parents attempting to parent their shared children.

(High Conflict Co-Parenting Class )

Raising World Class Kids


Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk/Jerkette

Course offered in English & Spanish
(Sliding Fee Scale)

Topics: (10 Week Course)
*Understanding Behavior and Conflict   *Adjusting Expectations
*Anger Management Tools  *Parallel Parenting vs. Co-Parenting
*Communication Skills (XYZ Message)  *Healthy Attachment with
your child   *Self Care  *Self-Transformation (Metamorphosis)ype your paragraph here.