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(High Conflict Co-Parenting Class )

HIGH Conflict Solutions

Unique parenting program that gives parents skills to strengthen their relationships both with their child and their partner. 

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Strong Families

Strong Communities

Raising World Class Kids

Learn on how to build a relationship without losing your mind


Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk/Jerkette

Communication Skills

(for managers, supervisors, administrators)

Learn how to add value to others

Bring out the best in your employees, co-workers, and team

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Daniel Ballon

Describes a parenting situation where the parents are not in a marriage, cohabitation or romantic relationship with one another. It is used  to describe the relationship between two separated or divorced parents attempting to parent their shared children.

World Class Relationships for Work & Home

Offered in English & Spanish
(Sliding Fee Scale)

Topics: (10 Week Course)
*Understanding Behavior and Conflict   *Adjusting Expectations
*Anger Management Tools  *Parallel Parenting vs. Co-Parenting
*Communication Skills (XYZ Message)  *Healthy Attachment with your child   *Self Care  *Self-Transformation (Metamorphosis)ype your paragraph here.

An evidence-based course that teaches communication skills for getting and keeping a job,

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