•  Criando Hijos de Clase Mundial
  • Descubriendo lo Misterios del Amor 
  • Relaciones de Clase Mundial para Hogar y Trabajo
  • Como Evitar Enamorarte de un Necio/ Necia
  •  A Nuestro Alcance 

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Course teaches a way to build a healthy relationship that keeps the head (mind) and heart working together. This program is designed to provide singles and singles-again of all ages with a plan for pacing a relationship and exploring the key areas that foreshadow what that partner will be like in marriage. Learn how set boundaries in relationships, how to stay emotionally healthy and how to think with your brain and not your heart.

World Class Relationships for Work & Home

  1. Within Our Reach
  2. Mastering the Mysteries of Love 
  3. World Class Marriage
  4. World  Class Relationships

WCRW&H- teaches communication skills for getting and keeping a job, as well as forming healthy family relationships that endure and strengthen during times of stress. The course covers 16 pillars and is interactive and dynamic with lots of in-class skill practice and exercises. Topics include: setting goals, power listening, avoiding blame, handling hot topics, resolving conflicts and disagreements, giving apology & forgiveness, growing yourself, nurturing the relationship, and more. You’ll love this class!

Other Courses

Raising World Class Kids

How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk/ Jerkette

RWCK is a melding of two powerful, evidence-based curricula to provide families with the most effective parenting resource available. RWCK combines Dr. Michael H. Popkin’s Active Parenting 4 curriculum, a highly researched program that teaches parents about their children’s developmental stages and supports their character development, with World Class Communication, which teaches the relationship and problem-solving skills that form the heart of a world-class relationship.


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